Sexual History Application. You information is confidential and will not be shared with anyone.



Please describe the sexual education and messages you received about sexuality while growing up.
Please describe any key sexual experiences, and how you feel those experiences affected you.
Wonderful or difficult things from my sexual/sensual HISTORY I want you to know are:
What is the most predictable way for you to orgasm? What puts you over the edge? Briefly describe your ideal sexual encounter, step by step, explaining what you like. ie. Nipples squeezed, fingernails on back, spanking, hand around throat, gentle touch etc.
What is your masturbation practice like? Frequency? Duration? Method?
What is your experience with G-spot orgasm and/or female ejaculation?
If you have a partner, do they know you are receiving these sessions, and are they supportive? We only work with women who have their partners fully on board.
What word do you use to refer to your genitals during sex (ie. vagina, pussy, kitty, yoni)?
Please describe a peak erotic experience. Think of your best erotic experiences. (What was happening? Was it alone or w/ a partner/s? What were you thinking? Feeling?)
Do you have any STDs? If yes, which one(s)?
Do you have any scarring or pain inside your vagina from giving birth or from anything else?
Do you orgasm from a vibrator on your clitoris?
Have you experienced any kind of sexual abuse or trauma aside from anything mentioned above?
What was the date of the start of your last period? The best times for a session are when you are ovulating and when you are on your period.
Are you currently taking any type of medication. If so, what for?
Are you on any kind of birth control?
Do you have any medical conditions or mental illness or other body pain we need to know about? These sessions can be physically intensive.