1:1 Coaching


Transformative Private Coaching to reclaim your feminine essence and divinity to manifest your desires in all areas of your life.



This high end 1:1 support will help you step into the depths of your truth, reclaim your sexual sovereignty, and release the shame and patterning that keeps you from living a pleasure filled life.

A transformative experience
like none other.

You've been to plenty of yoga classes, sat in meditations, read a bookshelf of self-help books, and it seems like you’re doing all the right things,
but you’re aching inside, wondering if this is how you’ll feel for the rest of your life.

You're tired of feeling dull exhaustion in your body, lacking libido, sabotaging your relationships, and feeling completely disconnected from the body you inhabit.



You’re longing for a life and love that meets your every desire.
You want to tap into your pleasure potential and transform your life in every arena possible. 

You don't want good enough – you want it all. 
You want more. More intimacy, more aliveness, more love, more orgasms, more purpose.

You’re an awakened soul-aligned woman who's stuck when it comes to really loving the life you're living. After all of the deep work you've done on yourself, you’re still searching for the missing piece...

Here's the good news: You can have it all. I'll show you how.


• You want vibrant energy and health and to know you’re not dried up, broken, done.

• You want to rekindle or find a love that is designed for you and your pleasure.

• You want to love yourself so fully that you can attract in experiences and energy of the same caliber, always.

• You want to feel emotionally safe with yourself and your partner.

• You want a deeper connection to your body and to love her just the way she is.

• You want to release sexual shame and trauma and connect with your yoni.

• You want an intimacy far greater than you’ve ever experienced.

• You want to ignite your libido and love lovemaking again.

• You want to heal the most stubborn blocks that are holding you back from manifesting your biggest desires.



I created this program after going through my own profound healing journey. After spending years living in shame, addiction, and co-dependency, I was stuck reliving the same stories again and again. This is the process I went through myself to heal those parts of me that were no longer working in my life.

This work is so deep and sacred, that it has to be done 1:1. This high end offering is the game changer you've been searching for. I know, because this process has transformed my own life, and I know it can transform yours too.

I went from a recovering co-dependent with no direction to an entrepreneur and moved into a conscious relationship and manifested a million dollar home after 4 months of this work.

I'm here to empower women like you to stop playing small and create the life you came here to create.


Understand your Pain and pleasure

Clear your sexual bullshit

Magnetize & Manifest

Forgive & Break the cycle

Give your Inner child a voice

Clear limiting body beliefs

Somatic Body Work & Sexual Healing

Reprogram the Subconscious



This is the most transformative experience I offer. The work is deep, sacred, and completely customized to your needs and breakthroughs. Our 1:1 experience is carefully curated over a 6 month to a year long period.

This high end offering is extremely exclusive and is only for women committed to their transformation and reaching their highest levels of pleasure possible. I only work with 4 women a year at this level so I can give you the highest, most transformative, experience available.


I started working with Caroline recently after my significant break-up…a very difficult one at that. Caroline helped me to realize how I really wanted to be treated and the kind of relationship that would add to my life and not cause such pain. We explored many avenues of how I got to this place of having an unhappy relationship to how to move forward and create the kind of relationship where I would feel happy and complete. It takes a whole new way of thinking and acting to get the results. Caroline has been a wonderful promoter for this process.
Debra T. – San Marcos, CA


I was unhappy, constantly being pulled down by repetitive negative thoughts and beliefs about myself and others. My 15-year marriage was in shambles. The beauty of the coaching sessions was getting to know my true self, healing my old wounds, and getting to know my husband’s needs by developing a conscious relationship with him. My negative self-talk has quieted down and I successfully use new relationship skills to have fun or handle challenging situations. I am extraordinarily pleased with the results I have achieved working with Caroline. Her commitment, guidance, training and experience has provided me with a chance to love and care for myself and others, and all of this in a very short time. Caroline gets my highest recommendation as a coach.
– Kimi W. – Del Mar, CA


I’ve spent the better part of 30 years working with therapists and coaches to resolve issues from a pretty checkered past. None of the work ever really seemed to allow me to resolve those issues sufficiently for me to have a healthy relationship. After eight hours of work with Caroline, I have not only been able to clearly identify what it is I want in a healthy conscious relationship but have been able to articulate that to my partner and have engaged him to do the same for himself. For the first time in 15 years, we are finally speaking the same language and unleashing the joy that has always been just outside our reach. Thank you so much, Caroline! We couldn’t have done it without you!
– Sage B. – Encinitas, CA

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