Ideal Dream


Defining Your Ideal Relationship, Why You Don’t Have It, & Steps To Getting You There




Are you wishing for the love of a lifetime?

Maybe you’ve lost your mojo or maybe you’re still searching for Mr. Right.

Wherever you're at, you're struggling, and the pain isn't getting any easier.

The truth is, you’ve been struggling to have what it is your desire and deserve when it comes to love.

You're ready to know WHY you don't have the love you long for, and the steps to get you where you want to be.


• You're struggling in your current relationship and you want to reignite the love in a whole new way.

• The passion you desire is lacking from your current relationship.

• You're constantly triggered by your significant other, and you're ready to REALLY find out why.

• You'd you like to know why you keep ending up with someone similar to your parents or care givers.

• You no longer want to be scared in a relationship or think it is not possible to attract a healthy conscious man or woman.

• You'd like to release your fears of intimacy and vulnerability.

• You'd like to experience relief from the deep sadness of feeling alone or like a failure.

• You'd like to free yourself from feeling unworthy of love.



I created this program after spending years in co-dependent and dysfunctional relationships... and frankly, I wanted more. This is the process I went through myself and healed those parts of me that were no longer working in my life.

 It all starts with self acceptance and radical self love. But first we must unravel the sub-conscious mind that directs 90% of our actions and behaviors.

What are those limiting beliefs and woundings that keep us in the same patterns of painful and or dysfunctional relationships?

 When we are able to be fully honest with ourselves and decide to heal and change those old patterns….we start to attract the relationships we truly desire. It is all about energy and vibration. Everything is a vibration. The law of attraction.

I'll guide you through my process of clarifying the attributes that create your "ideal" relationship.
You'll leave with a comprehensive list that is fueled by your desire and your innate needs.

We then explore your childhood by identifying the personality traits of our caretakers.
We look at their strengths and their opportunities for growth, and see how these attributes have been holding you back in your quest for love.

We then look at what limiting beliefs you may or may not know are holding you back.
We break down your sub-conscious programming and create action items to address each one.



You'll leave with clarity around WHY you're not experiencing the relationship you relish for, and HOW to create a relationship that shifts all of the patterns you thought impossible to break.

Your ideal relationship is as unique as you are. This day long process helps you uncover your desires and needs when it comes to calling in the love you long for. 

The conscious couple is not attached to the outcome of the relationship - growth comes first.

The conscious couple values growth more than anything else because they know this is the secret to keeping the relationship alive. Even though growth is scary (because it takes us into the unknown), the couple is willing to strive towards expansion, even at the risk of out-growing the relationship. Because of this, the relationship maintains a natural feeling of aliveness, and love between the couple does, too.



Each person in the relationship is committed to owning their s#*t.

The conscious couple is willing to look at their past and current issues in relationships because they know that by facing these beliefs systems, they can evolve into a new relationship-reality. Dysfunctional patterns will dissolve, but only when we take responsibility for them, first.


All feelings are welcome and no internal process is condemned.

It’s rare to be completely honest about who you are, and to stretch yourself to let your partner do the same. You may not like what you hear; in fact, it may trigger the hell out of you. But you’re willing to be triggered if it means your partner can be authentic.


The relationship is a place to practice love.

Love, ultimately, is a practice. A practice of acceptance, being present, forgiveness, and stretching your heart into vulnerable territories.



There are always ah-ha moments in this process for the participant. New ways of viewing things. New opportunities for growth and awareness. When we become fully aware of our own defenses and mechanisms that keep us stuck in relationships that have lots of power struggles...we are creating the space to change and show up differently in our relationships.

You will learn techniques of what to do when you are triggered by the other person. What to do when you know you are right and they are wrong. When you feel frustrated and don’t feel heard or understood. You will learn ways to communicate to get your needs met.


Caroline helped me to get really clear on what I want and need in a relationship. She also gave me several different tools to use to help me identify what triggers me and why and how to communicate more effectively . All of the work we did together has helped me to get clearer on my goals in life and the steps I need to take to achieve them, as well as who I want in my life to share them with. She helped me to reclaim my voice and I am very grateful. Thank you! Rebecca Z. – San Diego, CA


Caroline has been very helpful in getting us to see the whole picture of our marriage and our lives. She has guided us through the couple’s process with direct intention and a thorough understanding of each of our wants and needs so we can each decide what we want together. We both can be heard and without the pain and guilt. I highly recommend Caroline and the programs and courses she offers. Thank you Caroline!
Chuck W. – Del Mar, CA


I started working with Caroline recently after my significant break-up…a very difficult one at that. Caroline helped me to realize how I really wanted to be treated and the kind of relationship that would add to my life and not cause such pain. We explored many avenues of how I got to this place of having an unhappy relationship to how to move forward and create the kind of relationship where I would feel happy and complete. It takes a whole new way of thinking and acting to get the results. Caroline has been a wonderful promoter for this process.
Debra T. – San Marcos, CA


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